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 В начале сентября 2005 года в Штаб-квартиру клуба "АРКТИКА" пришло письмо из Англии, в котором его автор, Майкл G4AYO сообщал, что получив мемориальные QSL, посвященные 100-летию Кренкеля из текста на карточке он узнал о существовании нашего клуба и хотел бы наладить сотрудничество.


 Как оказалось, Майкл уже давно коллекционирует QSL, конверты, почтовые карточки, книги, газеты и проч., связанные с арктической и антарктической тематикой. И не просто коллекционирует "картинки", но и имеет большую личную переписку с интересующими организациями и личностями. Так, например, в его коллекции есть письмо от Э. Кренкеля, датированное 1969 годом. Скан этого письма с его разрешения мы публикуем, как и всю переписку между G4AYO и UA6LTO/9.

G4AYO to UA6LTO/9:


Dear Alex,


 I have just found details on the ARKTIKA CLUB. I am not sure why I did not find it before, Hi!


 I am very interested in the Russian arctic - I have a letter and QSL from Ernst Krenkel RAEM. Ernst sent me this letter in 1968 in response to my SWL report on his RAEM/MM signals from the Professor Zubov.

 I have a new QSL (folded - 4 sides)- see attached (side 1)


73 Mike J Hewitt/G4AYO
10 Blacka Moor View Dore

Sheffield S17 3GZ


Worked All Oblasts Nr.128

RAEM Nr. 2793

RRC Nr. 460


Hello, Mike!


 Thank you for your attention to Arctic and our RC "ARKTIKA" also.

 There are many another greatest polar radiomen in World Arctic history, than Ernst Krenkel. Very nice, that you know about RAEM, but how much another arctic radists do you know? I hope, you'll can find interesting info and pictures on our web-page: http://www.rcarktika.ru

and special presentation page for non-speak-Russian HAM's on:http://www.rcarktika.ru/INTERNATIONALNORTHRADIOCLUB.htm

 Our club HQ situated in Arctic region and if you'll want more info - ask me, please, no problem.

 RC "ARKTIKA" members Activity days will take place at 23-25 Sept. 


73! de Alexander MakSurov,

UA6LTO/9 (ex RA9XO)



Dear Alex,


Thank you for your prompt reply - much appreciated! Yes, I know many of the old 4K0 and now R1-operators, Hi. I have corresponded and QSOs Mike Fokin RW1AI and Boris Surov ex UA0QBO and 4K0 many times over the years. Also many of the R1 Antarctic stations. I was QSL manager for Serge ex UA0KL (US1UU)- Cape Vankarem, AS-065, AS-038.

 I have Krenkel's book "RAEM Is My Callsign" (English and Russian copies) and books by Papanin, Fedorov. I attach a copy of my 1969 letter from Krenkel. I also have letters from Valery Chkalov (I am involved in the search for N-209) and Sigismund Levanevsky which I can copy you with if you are interested. I have a very large and unique collection of stamps, covers, QSLs, postcards, signed photographs, books, newspapers...

 My large library of Russian books includes: Meeting of Frontiers. 


73 Mike/G4AYO


Dear Mike,


 Thank you for your very interesting letter and unique autograph sign by Ernst Krenkel. I can topublish our e-mail letters on web page RC "ARKTIKA" for all our members reading.

 It's very nice, that you have "very large and unique collection of stamps, covers, QSLs, postcards, signed photographs, books, newspapers..." There is link from our web page http://www.rcarktika.ru to the similar web-collection by Igor Kapustin http://www.kapustin.boom.ru/indexen.html

 You'll find many pictures of stamps, covers and postcards about Arctic and Antarctic on this very popular in Russia web-collection. We are using some unique pictures from Igor Kapustin collection, when I designed our club awards, diplomas and special QSL's ("Radists of Arctic", "70 years for "Chelyuskin" operation", etc).

 About professional polar radiomen, who have a HAM callsign, I can add some examples from our clubmembers list: http://www.rcarktika.ru/memadres.htm

 There are many anothes real and "ex" UA1Z, UA9X, UA9K, UA0B, UA0Q, UA0K and R1 in our club and wetry to coordinate efforts to develop HAM-radio in arctic and collect info about arctic andantarctic history.

 In 2002-2004 we celebrated 90-th annyversary of First Russian Arctic expedition to North Pole by Geoge Sedov (we have very good contacts with George Sedov Museum in Ukraine). You can see Sedov photo on our "D.A.T." - "Diplom of Arctic Travel".

 We are prepearing to celebrate 100 years North Pole Openning in 2008-2009. We hope to organizedarctic dx-pedition and some new awards. 

 There are RC "ARKTIKA" HAM-ventions and meetings every year. We are planning next meeting in July-August 2006 in Moscow. As you know now - RAEM-memorial and SP-1 is not a main part of our work. Very good to know about Arctic history. But work for Arctic FUTURE - is more hard...

 I'm living in Vorkuta from 1969 and worked in Vorkuta Geophysical expedition (as chief of radio). From 1992 to 1998 I worked on regional TV-broadcasting company as journalist. I visited many arctic isles and regiones and know REAL problems of nature and peoples in arctic. HAM-radio is one of many tools, but any tools are good in this work :))) We organized RC "ARKTIKA" in 1989 and Web-page in 2002. I'll be very glad to any help in this direction.

 If you have a web-page with your collection, I'll made link from our page to that URL. 

 Best wishes to you and your family. 

73! de Alexander MakSurov,

UA6LTO/9 (ex RA9XO)


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